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​​Many of us love Korean food but it is hard to find authentic ones in Singapore. Today, we found a Korean Restaurant that is really authentic and is managed by a Korean! Jang Won Korean Restaurant is conveniently located 2 minutes away from Chinatown MRT, exit E. Do keep a look out for the “Mosque St” sign as it is tucked right along that stretch of restaurants.

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​There are plenty of seats available with a cosy setting and we could barely hear any noise from vehicles despite being located just along a street. There are also private rooms available for six or fifteen people, which are suitable for family gathering or a more intimate meeting.
​​Jang Won Korean Restaurant serves all kinds of Korean food, from hotpot to barbeque to street food dishes like Tteokbokki. Most customers choose to go for their Hot Pot & BBQ Buffet as it is extra value for money. The Buffet only cost $26.90 per person for lunch and $34.90 per person for dinner, with a minimum of 2 pax. Customers are able to choose from 12 different dishes and if you love any of them, you can order it again with no extra charges!Lunch and Dinner buffets are available daily during their operating hours, except for public holiday whereby only dinner will be available. Each table will be able to choose one out of four hotpots available, as well as free flow servings of any other dishes seen on the menu. There are12 different dishes to choose from and if you love any of them, you can order it again with no extra charges!If you feel like having more variations of meat for the day, definitely go for the Hot Pot & BBQ Buffet option as there is a wide variety of meat to choose from and it will definitely satisfy all your protein cravings.

​​They say that Korean food often goes well together with alcohol. If you choose to have the buffet sets, alcohol will be sold at $5 cheaper than the regular price. Hence, it is highly recommend going for the buffet sets here as you are in for a good treat while not having to burn a huge hole in your pocket. Furthermore, all food prices will be charged with only 10% service charge but no GST charges. It is also worth mentioning that unlike many other restaurants, you may take your time with your food here and enjoy every bite of it without any pressure as there are no time limit for staying in the restaurant. Order as much food as you can finish and take all the time you need (as long as you finish your food within their operating hours), it is absolutely the perfect place to chill and catch up with some friends!6 different kinds of side dishes were first served, which are essentials in any Korean meal. They are not only good as appetisers but also suitable in between dishes for your taste buds to take a break from the various flavourful sauces since most of the side dishes are vegetables with lesser seasoning.
​​We went for the Hot Pot & BBQ Buffet and chose Army Stew as our hotpot choice. The ingredients were first placed neatly in the stew, which includes a good amount of luncheon meat, hot dog, tofu, enoki mushroom, zucchini, kimchi and not forgetting, ramyeon. It was cooked on a portable stove right in front of us and the owner of the restaurant helped to mix the ingredients well in the pot while it was boiling hot. The portion was pretty generous and it could serve at least 4 portions for a pot. The kimchi flavoured soup had the right amount of spice which was not choking to the throat but just enough to get a kick. The ingredients were also well chosen as they were all able to soak up the flavour of the soup well which also made it extra juicy.
​​We also picked a few dishes from the long list of menu to try from. One of which was the Japchae. Japchae is stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables. It was surprisingly sweet and was not as oily as expected. The mushrooms and crabmeat also added on to the chewiness of the dish.

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​​This is the Korean Bossam which is one of the popular dishes in the restaurant. Bossam is a pork wrap which has basically kimchi and boiled pork belly wrapped in cabbage. It came with Ssamjang, which is red soy paste dip to add a little spice to the wrap. The cabbage was boiled in water for just a short while so that it was cooked but not till too soft, such that it could be used to wrap the ingredients. The kimchi in this dish was unlike regular kimchi as it was made from radish instead, which is crunchier and sour and usually more preferred to by Koreans. It is often slightly pricier than regular kimchi as well, which one can see why since it tasted good already by itself and was the star of the dish for me.

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​The grilled pork belly was seasoned to perfection and was sliced to the right thickness. The meat was beautifully glistened with barbequed oil and every bite was chewy and juicy.

​​One of my favourite dish would be the stir-fried pork with kimchi. The pork was well marinated with the sauce, which was mostly sweet, with just a tinge of spiciness. The pork was soft and tender and not tough at all. It is not a dish you will easily get bored of as there is a great balance between the amount of pork and vegetables which includes kimchi and green chilli, with a touch of sesame seeds. It almost tasted like what you will get when having Yoogane.

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​​The seafood pancake is a great savoury snack which is well-liked by many Koreans. The ingredients mainly contain scallions, shrimps and pancake batter, which are then fried all together. The dipping sauce that came with it which appears to be soy sauce with bits of small chilli, was a good complement to the pancake, especially for those who may find the pancake itself a little bland.
​We had an add-on of the grilled mackerel as well, which was off the buffet menu. Despite being plain looking, it tasted no less flavourful than those served on a sizzling hotplate. The skin of the mackerel was crispy on the outside while the meat on the inside was soft and easy to pick. It is recommended to have it with rice and even try dipping it in chili sauce as the flavour does pack a punch.

​​Apart from the buffet sets, there are also many Ala Carte items on the menu if you are not intending to eat too much.

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You know that the restaurant serves authentic Korean food when Korean customers approves of them. While dining in the restaurant, I came across a Korean lady who told me that the taste of the dishes reminded her of her Mother”s cooking. How much more authentic can it get?Jang Won Restaurant also serves healthier Korean food as they are home-made, which also contain lesser MSG than usual.Reservations can be made at +65 65326949 at no additional cost.Address: 44 Mosque St, Singapore 059522Opening Hours:Everyday (Mon – Sun)Lunch 11.30am – 2.30pmDinner 5.30pm – 10pmPublic HolidayDinner 5.30pm – 10pm​Written by: Kylie

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