Địa Chỉ Bánh Mì P, Hanoi

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I have tried numerous Banh Mi since arriving in Vietnam and this was my 2nd least favourite. I visited after reading positive reviews and a travel blogger saying it was one of the best in Hanoi. The sauce killed it for me, far too sweet,…overpowering the other flavours.I would not recommendMore

Best bread we had in Hanoi. We had ordered pan-seared bread. It's so amazing with a good price. Highly recommended for this.

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Lovely, crispy fluffy bread. However the fillings were very sparse. (see picture) Maybe I'm just too Americanized in my expectations, but I expect to at least a peek of meat in my sandwich. Also…I was little disconcerted when i opened my second sandwich (they're small…and also I'm a glutton. judge away.) and saw that I got the wrong order (some grilled meat instead of meatball), I alerted the worker, and he took the sandwich out of my hand and handed it to the person who actually ordered it. I like to think I am a rather clean person (yes I hand-sanitized before my meal), but I wouldn't think a stranger would want to eat a sandwich that my hands had been all over…perhaps a cultural thing.More

A little north of the beer street, Banh My P is one of the popular banh mi places in Hanoi. Highly recommended.

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We found it quite average- prefer the one in Hoi An. But the bread is really very nice, crispy and warm!

We were back for another visit after a little more than a year. The meatball banh my is still delicious and no regrets making our way here just for the sandwiches.3 thumbs up guys

This is one hidden gem just a street away from the famous, and with long queue, Bahn Mi 25.The bread is soft in side and crispy on outside. The fillings are tasty and satisfying.

We loved Banh My P's banh mi's so much that we came back 5 different times during our 3 day stay in Hanoi. We tried the grilled chicken, grilled pork w/ pate, and grilled beef. My personal favourite was the grilled chicken, but the others…were still delicious. The bread was perfectly crispy and fluffy and the chicken was saucy and tender. It was the best banh mi I've ever tried and I've been lucky to try a few really great ones. I'm still having dreams about their banh mi… they were that good! If you're in Hanoi, make your way to this banh mi shop. You won't regret it!More

I can't believe all the good reviews on here for this place! I am inclined to think that they are all posted by people who looked in here for an evening snack when they were drunk (the Hang Buom location is that kind of place,…the hub of the Old Quarter's bar area), and so weren't being too discrminating.Bread – yes, nice. And they do put it on a hot plate for a few moments to warm it through for you. But that's about it. The fillings were SKIMPY in the extreme. Really, I could hardly tell they'd put anything inside at all: in stark contrast to the photo of a hugely overstuff sandwich they showcase on their webpage, when I looked a mine, it just looked like a plain baguette – from the outside, there was no filling visible. And there wasn't a lot to see when I opened it up.I haven't yet found a really good banh mi in Hanoi (apart from the chain stores). This definitely isn't it!More

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