Bún Thịt Nướng Nguyễn Trung Trực Now, Bún Thịt Nướng Chả Giò


Bún Thịt Nướng – Chả Giò01 Nguyễn Trung Trực(at the corner of Lê Lợi)District 1 ***************************** I had worried that all the Saigon subway construction along Le Loi Street would have pushed out this classic Saigon street food eatery. Happily, its still here and still serving a great bowl ofbún thịt nướngandthebestchả giò in

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Now, I think … I hope … everyone knows that I truly love “my job” finding new Saigon street foods to share here with Eating Saigon!’s readers. However, I’ve selfishly decided to spend our first week back in Saigon not scouring the city’s streets and allies for new, yet undiscovered food wonders. But instead, to


Well, here we are at 40,000 feet, having just departed Osaka, Japan, on our way back to Ho Chi Minh City from Northern California. It’s been almost 11 months since Hai and I left his Saigon hometown to explore my home in Oakland, California. It was a wonderful time re-discovering the Bay Area and California

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In recent months, readers of Eating Saigon! may have noticed a bit of a lapse in our postings of Saigon eating adventures – and perhaps wondered why? Well, the truth is we’ve continued to eat amazing Saigon street foods – we’re just doing that on the other side of the planet … let me explain. Hai

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So, what are the major publications of the world saying about Eating Saigon! ??? Find out here:


Just one more week and Hai and I will travel back to Vietnam. Saigon to be exact. Before we head back to Vietnam however, we feel obliged to let you know exactly what we’ve been up to recently. First, you might recall our blog post of a few months back about Hai and my amazing visit to

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