Bánh Mì Vietnamese Baguette Banh Mi / Roti Vietnam Banh Mi, Banh Mi ! (Vietnamese Sandwich)

“That’s a symphony in a sandwich” is how Anthony Bourdain described the most famous Vietnamese sandwich called the Banh Mì.

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If you’re planning on traveling to Vietnam, the one sandwich you will not want to miss is the banh mi. This iconic sandwich has been consistently ranked as one of the best sandwiches in the world.

While exploring the local food specialties in Vietnam, we absolutely fell in love with the banh mi sandwich. Beyond the delicious flavors, we liked this Vietnamese sandwich for different reasons.

For Claire, the baguette bread transported her back to France, where she has fond memories of the simple pleasures of a baguette sandwich.

On my end, I’m personally not a huge sandwich fan. I’d choose a meal, anyday, over a sandwich. However, something magical happened in Vietnam. I finally discovered how good a sandwich really could be.

While traveling across the country, we made it a point to try the Vietnamese banh mi sandwich in different regions.

Join us on a culinary adventure and discover what makes the banh mi the best Vietnamese sandwich to fall in love with.


Fresh omelette in the banh mi sandwich from Hong Hoa

On our first trip to Vietnam, we traveled from Ho Chi Minh City to Cambodia by bus. For the 6-hour direct bus trip to Phnom Penh, we picked up Vietnamese sandwiches to eat.

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Bánh Mì Hồng Hoa, not far from where we were staying was another recommended place we tried.

The restaurant is a typical shophouse with a walk-up counter on the exterior where you can choose from several types of banh mì sandwiches.

We got there at noon and the place was already busy with motorcycles constantly stopping by for orders.

We ordered the classic banh mi sandwich with pork slices (bánh mì thịt) and one with an additional egg added.

These were our favorite banh mi sandwiches in Ho Chi Minh City. The balance between the meat and fresh vegetables and herbs was closer to what we enjoyed in the north.

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The bread was incredibly fresh and crispy. Furthermore, the sandwich held up surprisingly well in the to-go packaging.It was not “mushy” when we ate it about 2 hours later.

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