Bánh Mì Hotdog – Bánh Mì Hot Dogs

We took about a week to drive from Atlanta and it’s nice to finally be here in our new home! We have nothing but a suitcase full of clothes and a blow-up mattress to sleep on… unfortunately our household goods don’t arrive for another week – ugh. So I’m sitting here, in the only chair in the house, with my computer in my lap, and a bottle of beer on the floor as I write this post.

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I actually made and photographed this post prior to our departure from Atlanta, but I just ran out of time to get it out to you guys. It was meant to be a post for the 4th of July celebrations, and it looks like I just got it in under the wire!



Breakfast Bánh Mì Bagel

It’s no secret that I have a bit of a Bánh Mì addiction. Ok… it’s a serious Bánh Mì addiction. A Vietnamese sandwich with ingredients rooted in Vietnam and French colonial Vietnam – it’s the ultimate fusion food.

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It started off innocently enough, I found a local Bánh Mì shop, started eating lunch there everyday until I finally decided to make my own Bánh Mì. Like any good addiction I needed a bigger fix, so I made a Breakfast Bánh Mì BagelIt was only natural that the next incarnation became a Bánh Mì Hot Dog.

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It may look like a lot went into it, but it takes just about as much time to throw together as any other hot dog with basic toppings. For quick assembly, make the do chua (a Vietnamese staple of pickled carrots and daikon), the night before. It’s super easy to make, but it does take a little time to julienne the carrots and diakon. If you want to make the do chua super fast, just shave the veggies using a vegetable peeler instead of cutting into a julienne, then pickle per usual (a hyperlink to make the do chua is in the recipe below).


Classic America hot dog meets Vietnamese flavors loaded with spicy Sriracha-mayo, pickled carrots and diakon, fresh cucumbers, hot jalapeños, and earthy cilantro. Each bite has an a explosion of flavor… fireworks, if you will

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